Tips for Parents to help children during Exams

Tips for Parents to help children during Exams

Exams are just round the corner. As parents and educators, you may have observed that some children feel irritable, find it difficult to sleep or may have irregular eating patterns. On the other hand, some kids may avoid studies or start procrastinating. Exam time for children can be a cause of concern for parents, educators as well as children. What is it that we can do to manage and deal with these concerns and worries and help our children sail through this time smoothly?

Be aware of your own feelings

We may have our own concerns, worries and feelings about the exams of our children. It is important for us to be aware of these feelings and to manage them in an adaptive manner so that we can be good role models for our children. A calm environment at home helps children cope better with their own worries.

Be a part of your child’s planning

How many of us are a part of our child’s planning for exams? It may be a good idea for parents and children to plan together for the upcoming exams. You can help them by giving important time management tips. Prioritizing and planning can help us reduce the wastage of time. In my earlier post on time management ( ), I have shared some tips like consolidating similar tasks together, maintaining schedules and timetables, using weekly, daily logs in your journals. You could also help your child to make a SMART timetable ( It is also helpful to follow up on their progress and appreciate and encourage them to achieve their goals. You and your child may mutually decide that you could prepare a quiz or a questionnaire for them which they can attempt at the end of a difficult chapter.

Make children aware of any changes in your schedule- Sometimes children may feel disturbed or upset by events like guests at home or parents going for a social function. Keep your children in the loop and let them know beforehand about these plans and prepare them for it. Having predictability in our own routines and schedules, makes them cope better.

Understand your child’s learning style
( Knowing your child’s style of learning can help you identify resources that your children can use to learn. This can facilitate the creation of new and innovative methods that can help in creating an interesting learning environment.

Tips for Maintaining Healthy Lifestyle During Exams-

Children may have irregular sleeping and eating patterns during exam days. Taking care of your child’s lifestyle is very important during this time. Taking care of these small things in lifestyle can go a long way.

  • It is helpful to take a balanced diet as this gives energy to our body and also helps to concentrate better.
  • Balancing food choices over time is what counts.
  • Breakfast provides the energy needed through an active morning.
  • Children who skip breakfast may have trouble concentrating.
  • Foods rich in fats provide more calories rather than good nutrition and could make one feel lethargic.
  • Add roughage to their diet – fruits, salads etc. will help them to feel lighter.
  • Try to have 4-5 small meals in the whole day rather than having heavy meals 
  • Also, make sure your children are well hydrated, as they will feel more alert and will be able to concentrate better.
  • Adequate sleep of 6-8 hrs makes one feel fresh and helps to recall information better. It’s also good to avoid any stimulating activity before bed time, like watching tv, laptop, phone, arguments or fights.

Share with us some of the things that have helped your children cope better with exams. Wishing Good Luck to the students for their upcoming exams!

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19 thoughts on “Tips for Parents to help children during Exams

  1. Thankyou so much ma’am for sharing it
    It’s a extremely useful content for parents and students and everyone should have knowledge of it . These are Some of the important factors that if taken seriously by children and parents , can do wonder for them .

  2. Perhaps earlier involvement, not just before the exams, may make parents more aware of the amount of work to be done, and they can avoid unrealistic expectations at the time of exams.

  3. Very useful write up….if parents can follow these tips they’ll really be able to help their children deal with exams stress

  4. Good evening Ma’am , thank you for sharing important tips to help our children during the exams. Looking forward to your next blog.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing the much needed information. Will definitely keep the tips in my mind especially during the exams.

  6. Thank you for sharing such an informative article. Yes Ma’am, The stress and anxiety created at this time can be harmful to kid’s health and also exam preparation if not checked. The tips are really helpful for parents to keep their kids stress-free during exams.

  7. Yes Ma’am , Children need hand holding during exam time and especially with the support of parents they can plan and prepare well.
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful tips for maintaining healthy life style during exams. Students will love reading this article.

  8. Very useful and doable tips, especially maintaining a healthy life style. If followed, can make a lot of difference for children preparing for exams.
    Thanks for sharing such valuable tips, Ma’am.

  9. Very informative article. Tips are really very helpful for parents to deal with exam related issue faced by their child. Thank you for sharing.

  10. True…Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.”
    Would try to follow the tips of…
    Preparing SMART timetable
    Be there to care and share😊

  11. Love the synchronicity from preparing smart time table to appearing exams fearlessly. Wish schools motivate students by taking initiative to help them in preparing their minds to create smart home time table and thus to prepare themselves to achieve final goal.

  12. Thank you for sharing these tips, especially when are exams are just around the corner for all the students. I am sure this will help them allot during their exam time.

    1. Hello! Thanks for your comment.
      Helping children develop the habit of reading can go a long way in enhancing their knowledge, vocabulary, creativity and imagination.
      For younger children, we can begin with picture books. You may ask them to identify objects in these books.
      Reading out stories to kids is also helpful. You and your child can read these books together where the child can be encouraged to read out simple words and also name the objects in the pictures. For older children, creating curiosity for the story may spark their interest in reading.
      We can also narrate a part of the story and prompt them to read the rest. Hope I have been able to answer your question.
      I am sharing the link of my earlier blog post, storytelling for life skills. Hope you will find it useful.

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