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  1. Different people have different caliber. No one can be perfectly fit in all. Thank you ma’am for sharing such a beautiful quote. It really gives a strong insights.

  2. Very truly said that everyone in this world has unique strength and ability.
    We should understand it in ourselves and in our children so that they can move ahead with positive attitude.

  3. This quote really resonates …I have twins and they are so different from each other.One is academically inclined, has intellectual pursuits, debates, draws, writes very beautifully and is in the data science industry…
    The other one played sports and has tremendous EQ.. he has a strong empathy streak and he brings a lot of positivity. I worried a lot about his academic performance but today, he has surpassed everyone in his career by getting out of turn promotions, being acknowledged as a centre of excellence in the commercial leasing industry..
    So children.. do what you love most but put in your best in it ..

  4. Definitely, every individual is unique, therefore we have Incorporated concept of differential learning in education. Smaller groups make it easier to see who has mastered the lesson goals and has acquired the skills to move on.

  5. Absolutely correct and true Ma’am. Hope , we all understand and accept this and appreciate each other for what we are. Thank you so much for sharing Ma’am.

  6. Resonates well with your 2nd Feb article on learning styles, in fact this quote should reach every indian parent. In fact recalling Dr. Deepak chopras “Seven spiritual laws of Success” The law of pure potentiality if only we can recognize and channelise the potential.

  7. Definitely everyone is born with a unique set of natural abilities and talent. If these are identified and encouraged, the individual achieves maximum satisfaction and productivity.
    Thank you ma’am for sharing such a beautiful quote.

  8. Love this quote of Einstein. Something which is so true ,but we need to keep remembering ! Thanks for reminding Alka ,it is so needed….

  9. Absolutely true. Each one of us must understand it to make the life simpler and more beautiful. Especially the parents of today’s generation; shouldn’t impose their ambitions, thoughts and views on the young minds. Let them Bloom according to their intellect,choice and interest.

  10. Perfect. What is required is to understand and explore the uniqueness of every individual. Thanks for sharing ma’am.

  11. So true. We should always keep this in our mind that everyone is special, unique and talented in its own way.Thanks for sharing such a beautiful quote ma’am.

  12. Definitely all the peas in a pod are different. Each of us have certain abilities which are our unique point. Keeping faith in our ability keeps us going n stay positive.

  13. I like to learn using different methods and I have the online mode of teaching to thank for that. Earlier I used to learn from books or other written material but now I’ve grown comfortable with videos. Recently I’ve also started learning from podcasts and that has been a great step forward for me.

  14. How true!
    We all are naturally suited and have our own abilities , what we need to do is appreciate and acknowledge and believe in oneself . Thank you for sharing.

  15. Nice quote Ma’am, truly said our individuality make us unique. listen to our heart, follow our dreams, be proud of who We are.

  16. So true maam.We all have to understand this and belive in our own strengths. Similarly for our children also.Yes Every one is unique.Thank you for sharing maam.

  17. Very true ma’am, each person is unique and it’s good to focus on our strengths. We must keep reminding ourselves that each individual is different.

  18. Very true Ma’am. We all have different abilities. We can’t judge everyone on the same scale. Some people have great mathematical ability, others have a thing for art and some might be very good at a certain sport.

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