What’s your learning style ?

What’s your learning style ?

Have you noticed how some ways of learning work better for certain people? Why is it that some individuals learn better through reading while others learn through videos? The answer lies in identifying and understanding learning styles.

“Every child has a different learning style and pace. Each child is unique, not only capable of learning but also capable of succeeding.”

-Robert John Meehan

What are learning styles?

Learning styles are ways in which people organize and process information, which guides how they think, learn, and solve problems. Various researchers have characterized ways in which people prefer to learn. One of these is the VARK model (Fleming, 1987, 2001). It suggests four styles of learning people prefer, depending on whether they like to learn through:

  1. Visual modalities, like videos and pictures.
  2. Auditory resources, like podcasts and discussions.
  3. Reading and Writing, through books and note-making.
  4. Kinesthetic Methods, like field trips and hands-on activities.
Understanding the learning styles

What does each learning style entail and how can we use them to our advantage? Can integrating certain elements into our everyday life help us to learn well?

Knowing your style of learning can help you identify resources that you or your children use to learn. This can facilitate the creation of new and innovative methods that can help in creating an interesting learning environment.

People who use the visual learning style prefer to use graphics like charts, flowcharts, diagrams, and illustrations. They also learn through videos and pictures. New things can be learnt by increasing visual appeal through highlighting, colour coding, integrating designs and patterns with information.

Preference for the auditory learning can be seen when people learn by listening and discussing about the topics with those around them. They prefer to learn through lectures and speeches. Podcasts, stories, and songs can be used to understand how to perform activities and learn new concepts.

People who prefer reading and writing like to learn through books, definitions, and essays. They also take notes to learn and remember things. Integrating lists and journals into everyday life can help learners who prefer reading and writing to remember new information. Feedback in a written format can also facilitate learning.

Kinesthetic learning involves learning by using senses and ‘doing’. Field trips, laboratory demonstrations/experiments, trial-and-error methods help in a hands-on approach to learning. Using real-life examples to relate to conceptual information can help gain a better understanding of concepts for people who use the kinesthetic learning style. Role-plays can also be used to demonstrate aspects of social life.

Thus, a person can prefer multiple styles of learning, depending on their likings for different methods. Learning styles can also be situation-dependent at times. For instance, people might prefer to watch a video (visual) to learn how to bake a cake, while they prefer to take notes (reading and writing) while attending classes. Preference for one learning style does not mean you cannot use other styles to facilitate learning.

How to identify your learning style?

Your preferred style of learning can be found through observation of ways that help you learn and remember things. You may find that you prefer one learning style above others, or a combination of two or more works best for you. For instance, a person may prefer to learn by listening to podcasts and speeches by experts of the topic, which means they use the auditory style of learning. Other people may like to read books and highlight the important parts, which shows a preference for Visual, Reading and Writing learning styles.

It is important to remember that there is no style that is better than the other. Knowing your own preferences can help you determine ways that facilitate learning. They can also help teachers and parents design ways of learning based on the preference of their students and children.

Share with us your learning style or methods which help you learn new things.

We hope to create a community that can learn together!

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16 thoughts on “What’s your learning style ?

  1. What an interesting read! I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    For me , a combination of these styles work.
    With covid, I have learnt how to work as a part of an online community platform .. either with 2 people or a group or self study.
    In addition, , every Sunday between 330-430.. we log in as a group to write an article or post individually. This helps to motivate us.

  2. True that there is no fixed style of learning.. it works differently for different people.

    One must find the best way one can learn faster and effectively and work on that style to master it.

  3. Knowing your preferred learning style for a particular thing can really lead to quicker learning & longer retention. This saves a lot of time & makes learning fun.

  4. Ma’am , It’s such a pleasure reading your articles !
    Making my own notes has always helped me in my learning. However I would like to incorporate more styles of learning and, your article will surely help me do so.

  5. Very informative post. Yes Ma’am I do agree if we know our learning styles will make learning more easy, interesting and enjoyable. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Good evening Ma’am, it is quite informative and relatable. I could understand at length about my learning style. Eagerly awaiting your next blog.

  7. Good evening ma’am. Always a pleasure reading your articles. When I was a student I preferred making notes. But now it varies depending upon the situation.

  8. Good morning maam,if we know our learning style so learning becomes easier,my notes help me a lot in learning and i also prefer images for learning,thank you for sharing informative post.

  9. Ma’am I totally agree.Knowing the way we learn best helps in quick and enhanced learning. I thoroughly loved the article.

  10. It’s fascinating when you read this and realise how your own learning style has evolved with how content publishing and digitisation has played a big role in it! Thanks for such a thought provoking feature

  11. Thank you for sharing such an informative article ma’am. Learning styles are indeed helpful. I’m more of a visual learner myself and used to draw a lot of pictures in my notes which used to help me recall better.

  12. I am totally agree with you ma’am. Every child has its own capabilities to learn. Every child or any person is different. They can find their own way to learn and succeed.

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