The Power of Positive Affirmations

31 thoughts on “The Power of Positive Affirmations

  1. Wow ! So agree with u Alka👍
    The pep talk with self in low tides and fears in life can sail u thru…They r more helpful than anything else ! Really…No one else can do anything for u If u can’t motiivate self . Thank u for such wonderful posts💐

  2. Good morning ma’am. Your blogs are really inspiring . In these stressful times, practising the tips of Affirmations will help not only children but everyone. It’s a great way to boost one’s confidence level. Thank you for the wonderful tips shared.

  3. Good morning Ma’am, thank you so much for sharing the power of affirmations. It leads to a positive mindset and moves you in the right direction. Waiting for your next blog , Ma’am

  4. Ma’am your blogs are so knowledgeable. Thank you so much for sharing. These inspiring blogs are very much needed for students in these difficult times.

  5. Positive affirmations are definitely very powerful and help us in keep going in life. It boosts confidence level and improves energy to work towards goals.

  6. This is the most powerful tool in the hands of humans. We can use it to stay Happy, to step closer to our goals, above all to remain sane in an otherwise stressful world. Thanks ma’am for the structure to design positive affirmations.

  7. Good afternoon maam. This blog is really helpful to understand a good communication. Your all blogs are very informatiove. Thanks for sharing it.

  8. Positive affirmations are so strong and this post shows us how to integrate them into our lives in an effective manner. Thank you for sharing.

  9. Good evening ma’am. This blog is very informative and useful . It is a good way to improve positivity and motivation in our mind and soul. Thanks for sharing ma’am.

    I am happy and contended…blessed with a wonderful family and loving and caring friends.
    My work keeps my creative urge satisfied😊

  11. Positivity is the dire need of today. Thanks ma’am for helping us know how to retain it and spread it across.

  12. Thank you ma’am for sharing the power of Positive Affirmations.
    My affirmation which keeps me going is ………….
    I am always hopeful, for I know it will happen.

  13. Good evening Ma’am, Thank you for sharing power of affirmation, It is very true that affirmation fires up your neural pathways and makes changes to those areas of the brain that makes you happy and positive. Various studies also confirm affirmations: decrease health-deteriorating stress, increase the amount of exercise people do, help you to eat more fruit and vegetables and achieve more academically.

  14. Good evening ma’am. Thanks for sharing this . Positive affirmations have powerful effects.
    It keeps us motivated and open to the idea that there is room for improvement.

  15. Really very helpful, infusing confidence in the students in such a crucial time where kids studied online and appearing offline.

  16. Positive affirmation help us to challenge and overcome self sabotaging and negative thoughts.thank you for sharing this post maam.

  17. Thank you so much mam for sharing such a wonderful topic : Positive affirmations.It is useful for every individual and can help in dealing with crisis too.

  18. Good Afternoon ma’am, Thank you for sharing the power of affirmations and ways to use the same in our daily life.

  19. Thank you for sharing, ma’am. Positive affirmations are a great tool to enhance confidence and to strengthen self-belief. 

  20. Self motivation is very important when we feel low, and positive affirmation is the best way. Simple and very helpful tips. Thank you so much Ma’am for sharing such a wonderful post.

  21. Absolutely correct ma’am …….Positive affirmations help in being more confident and improving self esteem . .Awesome thoughts👌👌

  22. Positive affirmations are indeed great moral boosters.You have put this in absolutely correct prospective.These help all age groups
    GREAT job Alka.

  23. True, positive affirmations really help us looking through a new perspective of life and see it from a different angle 😀 . Thank you ma’am for sharing such good mindset of yours through your blog.

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