We need to disconnect in order to reconnect with ourselves, and traveling is a great way to reset our minds.

It helps us discover new experiences, places, people, and memories.

On this National Tourism Day, Dr Alka brings you some refreshing quotes to awaken the travel enthusiast inside you!



  1. Dr. Alka your each post is superb but this one has so many life’s lessons that I can connect with each quote with some of my life’s experience.. Thanks for sharing the blog…

  2. Each quote is so relatable. Vacations are enjoyed by everyone be it a child or an adult. Gives us a much needed break. Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Good evening Ma’am, thank you for sharing such inquisitive thoughts. Travelling helps you to be with yourself.

  4. Travel has many positives like
    – Meeting different people.
    – Trying new cuisines.
    – Watching nature’s beauty.
    – Relaxation.
    – Bonding with family etc.
    Things I would suggest
    – Live the moment & soak in your surroundings.
    – Don’t see through your phone camera.
    – Foreign travel is good but India has lots to offer so try & explore it more.

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