Ways to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Busy Schedule

Ways to Incorporate  Self-Care into Your Busy Schedule

I grew up in a time, when self-care was not given much importance. Infact, prioritizing yourself was considered selfish. We were expected to let our responsibilities take precedence over ourselves. As I moved along in life, I realized that even to perform my duties effectively, I first need to take care of myself. We need to fill our own cups before we can pour out to others.

I am glad to see a shift around me nowadays, with more people choosing self-care as an integral part of life.

What is self-care?

Self-care entails consciously scheduling time to do things that enhance your quality of life and your physical, intellectual, emotional, and social well-being. Self-care is regarded differently by each individual. So, it’s essential to identify what one values and needs.

It may be helpful to reflect on what makes us happy and peaceful and to understand what recharges and depletes us.

Self-care can help us become happier individuals and reduce stress.

Once we are able to identify our own needs and take care of them, we also connect well with others and their needs. This leads to stronger interpersonal relationships.

Incorporating self-care in a busy schedule

Though most of us realize the importance of self-care, our busy schedules may sometimes make it take a backseat. Is there a way to fit it in our daily routine? Here are some tips to incorporate self-care in our busy schedules.

  1. Healthy Diet- Many of us get so engrossed in our routine that we forget to take care of our diet. As much as possible, try to have your meals on time. Remember to pack some fruits and salads in your tiffin. These will come in handy for those sudden hunger pangs and will prevent you from binging on high calorie snacks.
  2. Physical Activity- It may sometimes seem difficult to take out time for exercise in our hectic schedule. We can make small changes in our routine to increase physical activity. If your health permits, take one or two flights of stairs instead of the escalator. Take short breaks for a walk. Make it a habit to get up from your seat and walk up to the water or tea station, instead of having it served on your table. You could also include simple stretching exercises to keep you active.
  3. Health Check-ups and Medication- Do not miss out on your health check-ups or medication on busy days. Schedule check-ups in your planners. We can set reminders to prompt us to take our medicines on time.
  4. Morning and Night-time Schedule- It is of utmost importance to follow a morning and night-time schedule that includes time to relax and disconnect from our hectic lives.
  5. Social Relations- Sometimes, we forget to spend quality time with the people we value because of our busy schedules. We can plan and schedule outings or gatherings with people who energize us. 
  6. Stay Hydrated- We often compromise our water intake on a busy day. Keeping a water bottle by our side, reminder alarms and maintaining a water intake log are some ways that can help us keep a track of our water intake.

  1. Declutter– Cluttered surroundings drain your energy and draw your focus from important things. Decluttering may be inculcated in life as a part of our daily routines, like setting up a time to tidy up our surroundings, as well as space on our gadgets, like sorting through e-mails.
  2. Self-Compassion- Practicing self-compassion means being there for your own self through struggles and sad times and allowing yourself to rest when you need it.

Making minor adjustments mindfully can go a long way in taking care of yourself.

Do share with us the things you have incorporated in your life for self-care.

“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.” Mandy Hale

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17 thoughts on “Ways to Incorporate Self-Care into Your Busy Schedule

  1. Very well written. Self care is not being selfish. So let us come out of our guilt complex & start taking care of ourselves.

  2. I found every word so relevant in the article. Ultimately we are our own permanent companion so we have a responsibility to take good care of ourselves too.

  3. Very well written Alka, we should try to inculcate the habit of self-care in our daily life to enable a healthy life.

  4. A wonderful write up on self-care. Yes it is not being selfish but being self aware of your own self. Thank you for sharing, eagerly waiting for your next blog.

  5. Yes, self care is so important.
    One of the biggest things which works for me is telling myself everyday that God loves me as much as everyone else.

    I also hug someone in the morning and myself during the day. It makes me feel loved and love is the best self care!

  6. Good points shared for self care.
    Detailed explanation given and they are actually easy to follow.
    Well done Alka.

  7. Such an insightful article.
    Self care is actually required to rejuvenate ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally.
    Thanks Ma’am … for sharing self care tips.

  8. Thanks for sharing self care tips ma’am. Making minor adjustments mindfully and giving time to ourselves can go a long way in taking care of ourselves.

  9. Really ! I have been so busy organising things around that I forget the ME TIME….indeed, I have taken myself and my body for granted😐
    Thanks for reminding the importance and useful tips dear Dr.Alka

  10. Ma’am, you have very well explained this important topic. It’s true that when we take care of ourselves we feel happy, energetic, and rejuvenated and are in a better position of taking care of others too. Thank you for sharing the tips.

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