Yog is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’ which means to connect and integrate with the universe around. The idea behind practicing ‘Yog’ popularly called ‘Yoga’ is to integrate the idea of self with that of the universe.

The main objective of yoga is self-realisation and to bring harmony between our body and mind.





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12 thoughts on “#WednesdayWellness

  1. Thank you ma’am for sharing the importance of yoga and meditation in an creative and appealing way. Regular practice of yoga create mental clarity and calmness and also help in concentration.

  2. Good afternoon Ma’am, rightly worded, with Yog we get more time to introspect and this further helps in evolving as an individual. Thank you for sharing Ma’am

  3. This time the presentation is simply superb. The content is very interesting, relevant and useful, I think we need to circulate in outer orbits

  4. योग अर्थात जोड़ । अनुशासन ,एकाग्रचित्तता और व्यायाम में उत्तरोत्तर प्रयास व दक्षता योग कहलाता है।
    आदरणीया ,आज की इस भागदौड़ भरी जिंदगी में अपने लिए गुणवत्ता से भरी जीवन श्वास भरने के लिए,धन्यवाद!!

  5. Interesting Article…Regular yoga practice relax our mind; centers attention and sharpens concentration.

  6. True, Yoga is connection of mind, body, and breath, which allows us to change, grow, and heal. The complete alignment and mindfulness are by-product of right form of Yoga _yuj of mind body and life force.

  7. योग: चित्तवृत्ति निरोध:
    समत्व ही योग है।

  8. Yoga is a way of life.You have taken us through the path of yoga with all its positives so beautifully.

  9. Totally agree with all the sayings mentioned above. Yoga is a way of life. And if we incorporate yoga in our life slowly and make in an integral part of our life, we would be in a peaceful state. Thank you for sharing Ma’am.

  10. Thank you ma’am for sharing.
    Yes I too agree, and yes ….. practising yoga time to time has been a way of connecting to my own self.

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