13 thoughts on “#WednesdayWellness

  1. Beautiful directions to parents to have a positive connect with their children it will help to generate a new posive next generation ncreat a positive social environment

  2. What this post tells me is that being a parent is a huge responsibility which sadly is not taken seriously at all.
    बच्चे पालने और बच्चे पल जाने में बहुत अंतर है ।

  3. Hugs and love shown to the child makes the child feel comfortable .
    Funny and innocent questions ,even if repeated sevral times in the day also need to be addressed without getting annoyed….all ur baby needs is the confidence of ur presence by his/her side at all times.
    Alka, u have very aptly quoted L.R Knost👍
    I appreciate.😊

  4. Parenting is the most challenging and difficult task. We have to understand the importance of right parenting to groom our children in right direction.

  5. Nice quote. Yes ma’am, it is our sole responsibility that we should leave everything aside and listen to our children when they need us or want to share their thoughts or feelings with us to make them comfortable.

  6. Absolutely true Ma’am. We need to give our qualitative time to our children for their holistic development. Thank you so much for sharing this thought.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing such a thoughtful thought Ma’am! We all need to connect with our children for building a strong future generation.

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