Tips For Setting Daily Routines

Tips For Setting Daily Routines

At some point in our life, we may have had too many things to do and very little time for them. This may make us feel uncomfortable, and we may end up procrastinating further. Whereas if we have a systematic plan in place, we can effectively manage our tasks.

I have always been a person who values time, hence I understand the significance of planning our day to make the most out of it. Having a daily routine in place and following through with it can be immensely satisfying. It gives a structure to our day and boosts our confidence level.

Based on my personal experience, I would like to share some tips that have worked for me and may help you in planning your daily routine as well.

  • Having a fixed time for sleeping

If we sleep and wake up at a fixed time, our bodies get used to that sleep pattern and wake up well-rested.


  • Starting the day with a consistent routine

Those of us who have to go to school, college or work, find it manageable to have a consistent routine in the morning. But if that’s not the case, it’s best to start your day with a fixed task so that it’s easy to plan a routine. I like to start my day by exercising as it helps me follow a routine with ease. If I’m unable to start my day with a fixed activity, I end up wasting time without realizing it. So it’s best to follow a morning routine and start your day in action mode.


  • Prioritizing important tasks

Whether you are a student, professional or a homemaker, everyone has a variety of tasks that they need to do,  some of which are more significant than others. Once we get going with our day, we tend to miss out on some of these paramount tasks due to lack of time or poor planning. So, to ensure that I’m prioritizing these tasks, I like to maintain a weekly planner in which I jot these down and keep adding to them as the week progresses. I also like to maintain a daily To-Do-List which is more specific to each day and keeps me on track.


  • Keep some free time for unanticipated tasks

We all know how unforeseen life can be! Whether it is a sudden competition, event, or a medical emergency. Some things are simply unavoidable and urgent, so it’s best to have a flexible routine in case something urgent needs to be factored in. When making my daily routine, I keep various tasks which can be rescheduled if required like watching a show, visiting friends or shopping.


  • Use post-it notes or write notes on your phone for any random recalls

At times we trust our memories, only to forget something a few minutes later and question ourselves “What was it that I had to do?”. Once you write these spontaneous recalls, you can integrate them into your planner or To-Do-List.

  • Lastly, loop in some time for yourself

I strongly believe in the powerful words of Katie Reed, a mental health activist, “self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you.” So do what sparks joy in you, even if it is for 10 minutes. Add it to your planner so that you don’t skip it.

Consistency is the key to anything we do, so, to get into a habit of following an effective routine. Do it every day without fail, and it will come to you effortlessly and naturally before you even realize it.

I would love to hear what you do to make your day systematic and organized!

My earnest gratitude to Dr. Alka Saxena for inviting me to write on her blog and share my views and experience with you.

Shreya Kumar

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17 thoughts on “Tips For Setting Daily Routines

  1. Wonderful tips for maintaining consistency and how to make our days more organized.
    I personally feel that if we respect time, we will be able to
    organise the task more efficiently. Initially it might be felt as a big problem but later on , it will come naturally.

  2. Dear Shreya
    Very well worded and a reiteration because we all want to set up a’To-Do’ list for ourselves but tend to procrastinate not only our tasks but also to plan our tasks. A good reading. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good Evening ma’am
    These step are realy usefull to us
    Thank you ma’am for telling these steps
    Regard : Sourish Sikka

  4. Time is the most valuable resource because we cannot take it back. Very well said that time helps us make a good habit of structuring and organizing our daily activities. We must understand the value of time and plan our each day well to accomplish our goals in life.

  5. Having a routine is so important. Not only does it help me ensure I’m not wasting my time, but it also keeps me stress free because I don’t have to worry about falling behind on things like my studies.

  6. Good evening Ma’am, thank you for sharing insight on how we have to give time to ourselves as happy people can only create happy space.

  7. Hi Shreya Ma’am.. lovely blog 😊…and superb content. I completely agree and i feel that planning helps and it’s a life long learning. Yes, taking out time for yourself is also very important and keeps you happy and healthy and you feel the zeal to work and live😊😊…

  8. I would like to add one more thing to the routine, just before bedtime a review of what is done and what needs to be done, Secondly a reward system, yes I believe in rewarding myself for completing small tasks. The reward could be anything even 10 extra minutes of free time, one extra class of my hobby, or one tiny piece of candy.

    Lovely piece of writing. Most importantly it can be practiced easily.

  9. I do at times get hassled as how to manage my time as a result my sleep gets compromised.
    Thanks for sharing on the importance of having a fixed time for sleeping and being consistent.

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