Five Fun Family Activities

9 thoughts on “Five Fun Family Activities

  1. Good evening Ma’am , thank you for sharing meaningful activities to enhance family time further leading to strong bonding.

  2. These family activities can involve members of all ages . They help in bonding and are a lot of fun.

  3. Good afternoon maam,
    Thanks for sharing ma’am,when families have fun together they build bonds that can last a lifetime.

  4. Lovely activities
    We used to play story telling .. each one of us had to build on the other one’s stories- it allowed us to share, laugh, fight also but more importantly, bond.

    We also cleaned drawers together .. found old things. Laughed at them- one threw it out.. the other one quietly brought it back!

    Family activities bring in beautiful memories always.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these fun filled activities. I believe that “A family that games together, stays together.”

  6. Would love to make a family tree one day. Yes playing scrabble with family is something I always look forward too.
    Thank you for reminding us the importance of togetherness

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