7 Ways to Manage Stress

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  1. Dearest Alka ji..loved your seven effective measures though sometimes they are difficult to follow…especially the point 3,as far as l am concerned..
    but doing something that you love even for a small duration of time, each day, is really rejuvenating…Thanks for sharing these lovely posts with us….

  2. Good afternoon Ma’am, thank you for sharing the ways to combat stress. Please guide on how to say ‘NO’. At times , you face a dilemma as your soft nature and sincerity is taken differently by others. Ma’am, please throw some light on this issue and oblige.

  3. Dear Alka, you have suggested such simple steps which can be easily incorporated in our day to day life to cope with stress..thanks for your valuable suggestions

  4. While these actions seem simple.. they require a mindset change in us. The best thing is that as youngsters, , you can train yourself to focus on the positives and prioritise so that stress is reduced.

  5. You do things and think about those matters which are near to your heart. Aim for achieving one goal after another keeps you going and it makes you feel happy most of the time. It’s TRUE that we cannot stay away from stress as it’s a part of a living creature but we need to alter this everytime we come across(achieving one goal after another…)

  6. Very well written ma’am and I feel I can relate to every word and these tips surely will make me manage my level of stress , as at times I have so many things on my plate and don’t know which to take first and which later.

  7. What a brilliant infographic! Needs to be printed out and kept on my desk as a daily reminder

  8. I have also being following some of the techniques and they have helped me a lot to manage stress. Thank you for sharing.

  9. All are effective means but No.3 & 6 👍 totally agree Alka.
    IMHO, stress comes and stays with us due to a heavy emotional baggage.
    Work & responsibilities don’t usually give stress, it’s the lack of appreciation, acknowledgement and respect that causes stress. One starts to feel ill, gagged, worthless and lifeless.
    Respecting self ,stopping urself from Trying Too Hard to be a SuperHuman and giving urself time to recuprate is the way to get a stress-free life 💝

  10. All very important, but focusing on things that make me happy is the most important take away for me. We get so involved in day-to-day things that we frequently forget to step back. Even 15-20 minutes in a day to do that one thing that you enjoy gives you a good break.

  11. Thank you ma’am for sharing ways of managing stress. Point number 3 really helps a lot. Earlier I was not able to say ‘No’ to the work which was not in priority. Also managing time in our work allows us to stay organized n reduces our stress level.

  12. Thank you, ma’am, for sharing such helpful tips. If we bring these into our regular practice, we can effectively manage our stress.

  13. Thank you for sharing the ways to Manage stress. Each tip is beautifully explained and has its own importance.

  14. Thank you ma’am for sharing these tips. Regular physical activity and time management help me to cope with the stress.

  15. Dear ma’am thanks for the excellent read.my daughter who is taking her final exam, shared these with her and she found them very easy and effective.

  16. Aptly worded ma’am. We need to remember positives in life to overcome great difficulties and thrive in the face of stress.

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