Believing in oneself is the first step towards achieving greatness. Let’s help our children develop a positive self-image and a can-do attitude that will serve them well in all aspects of life.

Check out these amazing quotes on positive attitude that are sure to inspire and motivate your children.



10 thoughts on “#WednesdayWellness

  1. Your dedication and ur willingness to put it all into words is highly appreciable and I acknowledge with gratitude.

  2. wonderful quotes ,Alka ji…Developing a positive self image is something that is ongoing…and as parents we need to motivate children and work towards maintaining the Positivity

  3. Rightly said Ma’am, everything big starts with self-assertion and self confidence. The moment you realise your inner spark, there is no looking back. Thank you for sharing such inspirational quotes on the same.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing such an inspiring collection of quotes. Positive quotes affect our brain, our behavior, and our lives because they make us feel like we are in control of our own success, that we have self-efficacy. Definitely I am going to share these with my child.

  5. Valuable thoughts indeed!
    By believing in our abilities and investing in ourselves,we give ourselves the courage and confidence needed to take risks and reach for success!

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