Things to be mindful about during the festival season

31 thoughts on “Things to be mindful about during the festival season

  1. That’s so true. Staying away from sweets is so important. Have a safe Diwali. One also needs to be careful of allergies during the cleaning spree

  2. What a wonderful and simple TO DO LIST ๐Ÿ‘Have a sparkling diwali Alka and make it even brighter with festive lights – paraben free bee wax ,ghee or natural oil diyas !!

  3. Celebrating all festivals~ equally important for all of us. Like SDGs, Safe Festivals must be passionately observed. Thank you for spreading awareness. ๐Ÿ”…๐Ÿ”†

  4. Thank you Dr. Alka ma’am,for sharing nice tips. Also I want to add few words

    โ€œEating healthy food fills our body with energy and nutrients. Imagine our cells smiling back at us and saying: โ€œThank you!โ€

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