The Art of Thinking

7 thoughts on “The Art of Thinking

  1. I love your ideas. One of things I used to do is to get kids to imagine different types of people, make them think on what are the things the person loves and what are the things which are difficult?
    I would then pick up one thing and discuss how it could be useful for both…
    Eg. a ball.. child to play, grand parent to strengthen their muscles etc.
    it brought in the building of different perspectives…

  2. Brilliantly explained with thought provoking and relatable suggestions. Keep inspiring us. Waiting for your next blog …

  3. This is so important in these times when the ease of acquiring information may just make critical thinking and deep reflection a lost art .

  4. It’s a very useful and well structured infographic. Thanks for putting this together, as it provides the right tools to promote critical thinking.

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