Parenting Teens Through Adolescence

Parenting Teens Through Adolescence

Adolescence is a transformative stage for children. 🌟 It’s a time of self-discovery, identity shaping, and navigating new waters. As parents, we’re here to guide and support them.

Watch the video to discover valuable tips and guidance.

What skills do you believe are crucial for parents during this pivotal phase? Let’s learn from each other and grow together.


22 thoughts on “Parenting Teens Through Adolescence

  1. we should advice our or other children to focus more on the new things for new session through listening ,reading , being involved in activities , activeness etc .
    Thanks and regards

    1. Yes Shikha! We need to channelize each child’s energy in the right direction and bring out the best. Enhancing reading and listening skills will surely take them a long way.

  2. Thank you so much for providing us the space where we can share our challenges while parenting adolescents. I believe that creating an atmosphere of honesty, mutual trust, and respect is the essential part of the parenting.

    1. No doubt on it Priyanka! To see our adolescents bloom and shine , we as parents need to provide a conducive environment.

  3. Thank you Ma’am for touching upon such a relevant topic! I think as parents of adolescents it is important for parents to trust them and just being there for them whenever they need us works well. Also being patient helps to deal with their mood swings at times!

  4. The two most important skills we need to enhance as parents is to develop effective communication and good interpersonal relationship skills with our teens. This will surely help us bond with them and understand each others perspective. Thank you for sharing this platform.

  5. Developing trust among teenagers and listening to them attentively helps in a cordial relationship. Goes a long way in bonding with them.

  6. Yes I do agree understanding adolescent is at times difficult, but with an open mind and a supportive responses we can create a bond, giving space to each other and together we can make this difficult time a joyful journey which we can’t forget for life long.

    1. Yes Renu ! Sometimes as parents its not easy to manage our emotions especailly with teenagers. A right approach can make all the difference.

  7. Thank you mam for selecting such important topic. Parents play an essential role in influencing how adolescents interact with the complex factors that shape their development. Well covered.

  8. Thank you so much for providing touching upon such a relevant topic. It is very important for all parents. It also help to deal with their mood swings at time.

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