Some people see hope in the way the sun shines on us and some people see it in a wildflower. I feel hopeful when I read words that speak to me, when I see a flower blooming despite the adversities of winters, and when I see colours shining bright in a painting. Here is a little hope in the form of a poem, and I wish that it will bring light to all of us.


27 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Indeed, as I do remember that in my childhood my grandma used to give me the hope. The hope to believe in one self and for best, everything will fall in one place.

  2. Very well said Ma’am, hope is, “in the way the sun shines on us” and give us hope for a new day, new beginning. There is more to live, more to laugh, more to experience. A pure & bright smile on the faces of my dear ones give me hope and this hope gives immense power. Thank you for sharing such a lovely poem.

  3. What a beautiful poem!
    Hope really is something that keeps us moving forward. Thank you ma’am, for sharing your words of wisdom.

  4. Beautiful Alka Di ..❤️❤️👍👍 Very well written..❤️❤️👍👍👍👌Thanks for Sharing 😘🤗🙏🏻

  5. Good afternoon Ma’am, thank you for sharing such a beautiful thought. With hope , everything changes and we find a brighter light. It also gives an indication life is beautiful not always blue ,someone somewhere is not blessed as you. Eagerly awaiting your next blog.

  6. Thank you ma’am for sharing such a beautiful thought. One should never lose hope, as hope is the one thing that can help us to get through darkest of time.

  7. Hope leads to a lot of positivity & helps us survive the difficult times.
    Wishing a healthy new year to all your readers.

  8. Thank you.. I really loved the poem.
    What brings a lot of hope to me is that so many Indian youngsters .. primary kids, tweens, , teenagers, young adults are accomplishing a lot .. in sports, in arts, in teaching us to lead lives which are kinder to Mother Earth, in solving human problems… I wake up everyday feeling empowered because of them. They make me believe that there will be a better tomorrow…

  9. In the darkest times …hope is what you give yourself …. Thanks for sharing the poem , it surely has lightened my life with hope

  10. Thanks for sharing Ma’am
    Hope keeps us alive both physically and mentally, it really gives us a lot of strength to move further and reach our goals.

  11. Thank you ma’am for sharing beautiful poem. I believe ‘hope’ is the one thing that help us to get through the darkest of time. Its important to have hope as it give us the motivation and strength in our challenges. ‘Hope’ is something which brings happiness and power in my life, as we always says, Hope for the best…

  12. Thank you for sharing such a wonderful poem.
    Yes, Hope keeps us going even in the most difficult of times and demands nothing in return.

  13. This one little word is keeping the world moving. When we loose hope is when we stop living. What a beautiful poem.

  14. Bring in your LIGHT of HOPE in the darkest of the storms…..
    BE the LIGHT of HOPE that brightens other lives!!!

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