5 Ways to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

18 thoughts on “5 Ways to Manage Your Child’s Screen Time

  1. Well said ma’am , it is the need for the hour, it is surely an effective way to manage students’ screen time!

  2. Thank You Ma’am for sharing different ways to manage the screen time of our children. I am sure these tips will be very beneficial for them in there physical and mental growth.

  3. I really like the concept of digital fast and gadget free..
    Kids need to inculcate a trust and respect for technology. Make their learning alive by reaching out to the internet via phone or laptop or smart tv. To give you an example, one of the things I did with my kids was to teach them astronomy from the globe, naked eye, visit to the planetarium and seeing it on my laptop..the overall experience was so immersive that they never can forget various aspects.
    Being in touch with grandparents, spending time teaching grandparents how to use technology are ways to teach children how life gets better with technology. And that is an important learning!

  4. Brilliant tips ma’am a lot of parents will be thanking you for the tips. I really loved the gadget free zone and no gadgets in a moving vehicle.

  5. Good to know about digital fasting. We require it to connect and bond as we are digitally connected but emotionally there is a disconnect at times. Thank you so much for sharing Ma’am

  6. Very helpful pointer to create a balance between screen time and other activities. I really like the idea of digital fasting.

  7. The most important thing is that we as parents must set an example and limit our own screen time. Once we do that it would be much easier to get the children on track.

  8. Thank you so very much for sharing informative tips to manage screen time. Digital fasting and gadget free zone at home are the best concepts applicable to all the members of the family ,children as well as adults .
    We will definitely apply on ourselves and guide our children too to follow the same.

  9. Thank you for sharing these tips to manage childrens’ screen time. The tips are really beneficial for the parents, in today’s scenario.

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