5 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

20 thoughts on “5 Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep

  1. All of us need to be reminded of this especially in view of the current sleep deprivation of almost epidemic proportions we are facing globally.

  2. Good evening Ma’am, thank you so much for sharing good sleep rituals. It will be beneficial for all. Waiting for your next blog.

  3. Alka ma’am your blog posts are so informative , useful, beautifully presentable and easily understandable by students. I am sure, these useful tips will be very beneficial to them.

  4. I have noticed that prayer helps a lot… talking to God, sharing your day with the Almighty .. asking for guidance gives one a safe feeling.. and that can allow you to sleep much better.

  5. Very Informative article.👍👍👍A good night’s sleep is just as important as regular exercise and a healthy diet

  6. Though most of the people know, but still such reminders are much needed. In today’s time, lot many people have started complaining of insomnia but they have resistance in one corner of their mind to follow such routine.
    Good reminder!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Good morning Mam
    Tips are really specific. It will helps a person to be healthy and be mentally strong.
    Thanks for beautiful blogs mam.

  8. Simply and attractively presented.
    Very helpful tips, thank you Ma’am for sharing wonderful tips.

  9. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article. Will surely follow these tips to have a better sleep.

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